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Su GhoshI am a poet and painter. My words and visuals are collaged to create narratives and yarns, myths and mysteries. I have published and exhibited my works in galleries in Toronto, New York and India, and lately in juried shows at the Arts and Letters Club. I have recited my poems at several venues to the accompaniment of musical instruments, particularly the sitar.

My former challenging day job as an adjudicator with the Federal and Provincial governments of Canada fuelled my creative passions.

A collection of my poems, Sandalwood Thoughts, was published in 2004. My latest book, Dots and Crosses, a long prose poem with sketches, and a musical CD based on the same book, were launched at the A&L in November 2006 and January 2009 respectively.

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  1. Priya says:

    Dear Ms Suparna,

    Hi If you remember I have worked for you for sometime at the Jahangir Art Gallery Exhibition that you had.
    I was wondering if come to India sometime.
    Lets be in touch and if there is anything I can do in the field of designing, printing & event management in India for you

    kindly do get in touch with me.
    Thank you

    Priyadarshani Doshi

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