After the persona of Suparna Ghosh

by Ruth Colombo, poet; and
John Robert Colombo, anthologist, writer, Order of Canada

She is the Hope Diamond and the hopeless human condition.
She is the lady dressed in black with the greatly rimmed hat.

She is the woman whose eyes appear bright like egg-whites.
She is the girl who sees all even when she looks away.

She is Dame Edith Everage and Dame Edith Sitwell.
She is the female or the fille of the fiercest species.

She is the personification of both rest and unrest.
She is the Grand Dame or the Grand Daimon.

She is Madame Bovary or Madama Butterfly.
She is the youngest miss or the oldest peeress.

She is nameless and not in need of a name.
She is the princess of engaging thoughts.

She is grouchy and / or good-natured.
She is and she is not but ever will be.

29 July 2023




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