Past Months In My Blind Spot

The past year still lurks in my blind spot, but here are some creative images in the periphery.



On the occasion of UNESCO World Poetry Day, March 21, 2022, Print Publications, India, published an anthology, Poems for Leisure, Pleasure and Contemplation, and my poem was selected.

I have belonged to the Poets of the Vineyard, a group of vibrant poets based in San Francisco. I am delighted to be a part of the beautiful anthology of poems and essays, A River of Stars, published in November, 2022, edited by Judy Hardin Cheung and available on Amazon.

The Ontario  Poetry Society is a nurturing place for poets. Among other collections my poems appeared in Love Lies Bleeding received honorable mention.

As one of the founding members of the Art Bar, the longest-running weekly poetry series in Canada, I feel a deep sense of belonging. I was one of the poets in the fund-raising chapbook published by Brett Campbell, The Art Bar Poetry Series Team Reading, 2022. On the front and back covers are my black and white drawings.

Incidentally, the drawings were selected in the Arts and Letters Club Ontario and Canadian national competitions.



The League of Canadian Poets invited poets to celebrate the 24nd National Poetry Month this April 2022 with the theme of intimacy. I was one of the poets, whose most intimate moment was being introduced by her daughter.


It was the annual Big Classy Show on the walls of the Great Hall at the Arts & Letters Club. Here is one of my small paintings, Raven and Me (12”x10″):

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4 Responses to Past Months In My Blind Spot

  1. Shayona Panth says:

    You are so vibrant and creative. Congratulations on all your fine work!

  2. Holly Briesmaster says:

    Your poetry reaching far and wide ———a transforming influence———–

  3. Kate Rogers says:

    Lovely images and words, Suparna! Art Bar is so lucky to have you!

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