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Dots and CrossesWords are as integral a dimension to my creative process as visuals are. If my paintings were born in my mother’s desire, perhaps my poetry was closely felt by my father, and again, when I was 11, we composed a highly Sanskritized poem together in Hindi. Several years later, when I showed him some poems in English, he was deeply moved. I do not know if his reaction was rooted in his appreciation of the poetry, or the fact that I was writing. But I knew, write I must and share my publications with him, which was not to be.
For the first book, Sandalwood Thoughts, I gathered lines scribbled on scraps of paper strewn among more papers and cloaked them in sketches which told their own story. The second book, Dots and Crosses, is a long prose-poem based on the cyclical nature of any relationship. Each chapter begins with a sketch, thus perpetuating my desire to marry words with visuals. I felt the imagery lent itself to be woven into music, and what emerged is a CD based on the book.

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  1. Hi, Suparna Ghosh,
    Nice to met you in 22 rd World Poetry Kongress in Larissa, Greece…I wish you every siccess and all the best…Hugs!

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