it’s a monolith, thought the gull
alighting on her shoulder

a monument, mused the spirit
whistling through her walls

a pillar, whispered the wind
twirling ‘round her limbs

a village, revealed the crier
surveying her space

a forest, roared the storm
swirling about her hair

a poem, sang the song
hearing a lute in her hum

a damask, decided the novel
etching a tale on her skin

with the sky in one eye
and the ocean in the other

she decides she’s
the gut of the earth

Published in Global Poetry Anthology, short-listed for the Montreal International Poetry Prize

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3 Responses to Unlimited

  1. Shayona says:

    So powerful and multi-layered. I’m referring to the poem, but that description fits your so many of your paintings, too.
    Your work makes me feel like I’ve come face to face with a road into some long forgotten dream.

  2. Ruth Colombo says:

    Congratulations Suparna! Your poem is a tour de force. I agree with John about the last stanza, but what thrilled me about the poem and the painting is that in one image
    and in an extended metaphor, you have united woman as spirit and woman as earth mother. The use of the word “gut” is inspired, and lends shape to the painting and to the poem. All good things in April, Ruth Colombo

  3. Pratima Mehta says:

    Beautiful painting and beautiful imagery in this poem.
    Loved the last stanza, particularly because her empowerment comes from within; her perception and interpretation of who She is from her own reflection.
    Others’ perceptions are limited by their own innate limitations.
    Would it not have been terrible, if she let herself be defined by others?
    Pratima Mehta

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