Raven Rose Series

Raven Rose Series

Everything that can be said has been said and creativity is moribund. So, for a while (a while has been a long while) I pondered the possibility that a blank post is more meaningful than one crammed with words. Like the artist who decided a white canvas expresses more because one can ascribe a myriad of meanings to it.

But all resolutions are made to be broken. When a door opened unto a cavern of organic echoes resounding against gritty walls of drawings, paintings, etchings and sketches, where ephemeral sounds, metallic songs, irregular dialogues and effluvient forms melded with dripping colours and became one entity, I walked in (invited).

And suddenly, the isolated world of a self-described artist became one of the community: without losing that identifying mole which makes me distinct and secure in the knowledge that each line I have crafted and dot I have applied are unique and never duplicated.

Here is how Michelle Bylow, showcase director of RAW, sees it:

“At the MOD Club on July 17, 2015, GLIMPSE will be an interactive evening of everything art! Celebrate the vast talent that Toronto has to offer in fashion, music, accessory design, hair, makeup, visual art, dance and performing arts. You will have the unique chance to meet the artists and purchase works directly from them! All the while sipping on a glass of wine and watching the action happening on the stage.”

And thus, I became a part of the club scene in Toronto.

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  1. Sainath Rao says:

    Dear Ms. Ghosh,

    Paradoxical as it may seem I did not recognize you last night at Naqi’s get together!. Perhaps it was your trendy head gear that transfigured your elegant appearance.
    I could have endlessly indulged in conversation with you on subjects art that your eloquent with,
    nevertheless I consider last night’s preamble was indeed a privilege and honor.

    Looking forward to seeing you more often.

    Pickering, On.

    416 540 9828

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