A Few Responses to Occasional Couplet…

Some comments on Video, Occasional Ghazal – Couplet:

John Robert Colombo, author, anthologist, Order of Canada

The video comes as a complete surprise.

I find it faultless. I also find it deeply moving and full of juxtapositions that seem unpredictable and yet inevitable. The words take on extra meanings.

And you look beautiful…

George Vanderburgh, publisher of my book, Occasionally:

JRC sent me the link to this couplet. I have already watched it, and it is haunting.

Robyn Knapp:

Ruth sent this video on to me. You really are a remarkable woman of many talents. I enjoyed listening to your recitation of the couplet and then seeing your movements creating the atmosphere that underlay the singing. To me it was very moving.

Marie Adams:

Thank you for sending the lovely video to me.  It is very moving.  Your recitation, the singing and beautiful scenes were so well choreographed. You are a beautiful and talented woman!

Ruth Colombo, poet:

An exquisitely beautiful video – so many layers of sensibility and so many appeals to the emotions.

Barbara Wright, author, editor:

It is very beautiful, in many ways and I have shared it with my friends on Facebook.

Rosemary Aubert, author, painter:

Wow. This is remarkable. Thanks for sharing. By the way, you really look beautiful!

Anne Tait, producer, author:

It’s lovely, Suparna, illustrating so well your memorable couplet – “even the breeze is an intrusion when you and I meet”. Well done!

DC Chambial, editor Poetcrit, poet:


Ratna Ray, Singer, Song writer

Oh – wow, uniquely Suparna! One and only Suparna!   Great video.

Anne Forsythe, songwriter, poet

This piece has swept me away on a magical carpet.

… Your opening line is one of the best lines of poetry I have ever read and now, have heard- “Even the breeze….” A classic.

 Yet, the mood of the ghazal has been captured by this video -sultry, evocative, sensual-embellishing your words with image.

 I have to mention the sailboat, of course, a strong image in my own memory bank. This is an entire narrative in one quick clip. Unforgettable art will take the viewer/ listener to their personal story and thus grows a narrative; thus empathy for the creator is enhanced. Something ‘more’ is understood. A threshold has been crossed…

Joseph Berkovits, lawyer extraordinaire:

That was truly magical. Thank you so much for posting this beautiful work

Michelle McCarthy

My most beloved ghazals are laments for what is gone, for what is longed for, and are also an acceptance of reality. They transcend pain and embrace beauty. Suparna’s presence in her narrated couplet draws you in to the experience of loss and transcendence; and anchors the juxtaposition between East and West, traditional and modern.

Evocative visuals of the force of nature and of her own environment; glimpses of sorrow and stoicism in her choreography. Her paintings seem to have been made for this integration. The musical accompaniment is sublime. The vocals sound like a heart on a desert wind.

I once asked Suparna why she didn’t feel the need to return to India. She replied that India resided within her, and she resided in Toronto. She integrates that truth with this beautifully executed multi-media invitation into her soul.

Meena Gupte, singer

Suparna it is really beautiful. Out of this world.  Zindagi ban gayi. 

Pratima Mehta, dancer, social activist

You have quite a few admirers! Count me among them. Really loved the video and the contents


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