2021 My Year in the Zoom Room

The rear view mirror is covered in winter fog. Through the mist, my blinking eyes and enervated mind has seen some treads left behind last year –

Poetry at Union on February 14, 2021, Valentine’s day, a League of Canadian Poets event, saw me ready and alert to pen an instant poem for a passenger’s loved one

National Poetry Month in April, entitled Resilience

reflected what all of us have lived through for a year. Like a weed in water, flowing with the waves, bending, not breaking. Untold moments… My reading on April 13, 2021

Words with Writers Podcast Poetry Month Canadian Authors: Invitation to be a guest on Episode on Apr 10, 2021 (US and Canada):

Podcast Promo_Instagram_2021_04_v1.jpg; Podbean: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-wq6yk-100f439  Google Podcasts: Words with Writers Podcast – Episode #12: Sink Into the Magical World of Poetry (google.com)

The 30th anniversary of the Art Bar, the longest-running, poetry only, weekly series in Canada, was held on May 4. As one of the founding members of the Art Bar, I was one of the poets who reminisced and read some of my poems.


Third prize winner, Artists Embassy International Dancing Poetry Contest, San Francisco. I read my poem, As Far as the Eye Can See on zoom, broadcast on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCJhfGsf298

Reviewed: DC Chambial’s latest book,

Song of Light and Other Poems. He is the editor of Poetcrit, a literary journal published in India for over three decades

Reviewed: History of Contemporary Indian English Poetry, An Appraisal, Authors Press, 2019, authorspressbooks.com (740 and 679 pages). I had to let the visual register first: an immense panoramic and expansive landscape of words; sculptures of poets constructed with vivid poems, facts and views; and portraits drawn with information and accounts and perspectives, tantalizingly packed in the imposing and handsome pair.


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