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The Pilot Light

the pilot light is still burning igniting decades of dormant elements I was borne by you my mind inscribed with words you whispered flesh imprinted with waves of your caress skin engraved by the ripples of a warm lake I … Continue reading

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Poems I write in the first person

Oh come, one muttered I read your poems You need a hugLife has been cruel Looking at you I could not tellAlways strong, so confidentSparkling in vibrant coloursHiding dark days and darker nights Said anotherHideous dreams hidden in dank cellarsYou … Continue reading

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My mother

Looking through the mountains of neatly organized papers my mother, Sudha Ghosh, left in my charge, I found a cluster of poems. She wrote: These poems were written for my pleasure in the summers of 1959 to 1969. I just … Continue reading

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