For the Super Naughty

For the first time, Sudhir, I and Shayona were in a show together, aptly titled, The Super Naughty Show. The Red Boots are mine, the three small ones on top on one wall are Shayona’s, a parody on the three monkeys – see no evil…. and the one with the looming figure is Sudhir’s.

If you are looking for the bashful and demure, the Super Naughty Show at the Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto is definitely not for you…

Born without clothes
In a barren landscape of a mind
Born of fire, beauty afire,
Light of life
Unabashed, untainted, celebrated
In brocades of dawn, in cascades of dusk
Ashamed? Do not look
Ashamed? Do not stare
Ashamed? Draw the curtains
Ashamed? Turn off the lights
Ashamed? Go into a slumber
Ashamed? Curl into a world
As enormous as a speck of dust

Never awake
Never wake up




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  1. PRABIR says:

    Great to see your and your family’s Paintings.I am guessing Shayona is your daughter who had come to our house when she was around Five years!

    Next time you come to Delhi do drop in at my place to see the gallery I have dedicated to Abani Sen’s works.

    Royal Ontario Museum now has two of Abani Sen’s paintings.

    Love and regards,



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