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Lately I have heard a ghazal being described by some poets as a series of disjointed thoughts. They follow this up with free-verse poems of disjointed thoughts. This is not just a simplistic distortion of this centuries old sophisticated art … Continue reading

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Many a Moment Ago

Many a Moment Ago It was a “whatever happened to…” moment. Someone who had followed my “acting career” in Delhi once upon a time, asked me for an interview. Turned out the “someone”, Sharad Dutt, was now a prominent media … Continue reading

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The Pilot Light

the pilot light is still burning igniting decades of dormant elements I was borne by you my mind inscribed with words you whispered flesh imprinted with waves of your caress skin engraved by the ripples of a warm lake I … Continue reading

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The Unfolding Panel

Holly Briesmaster and I are working in tandem on an upcoming exhibition featuring her fans and my panel paintings. The exhibition will be on at Gallery Hittite from November 5th to the 20th, with the opening reception taking place over … Continue reading

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Culture Cloaked in Religion

Looking at the glorious confidence of a woman whose only coverings are her jewels and her hair, and whose sole props are a tablet and a pen, I wondered where it all went wrong. The change in this woman over … Continue reading

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The Art of Colour

Many years ago I was advised by a supervisor at work that grey and navy were more appropriate for work than fuchsia or turquoise blue. That was before the fashion gurus gave their blessings to bright colours and proclaimed that … Continue reading

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An Objective Review

When Sudhir sent me a critique of my paintings, I wondered how much stock to put in it. While he was a respected journalist and art critic, could his view on my paintings and poetry be tainted by love? I … Continue reading

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We Are Canadian

A former American and now a proud Canadian once remarked that it is kind of pathetic to bash Americans simply to define a Canadian. Perched next to a giant, perhaps this is premised on a “look at me, look at … Continue reading

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To Indian or not to Indian

Several years ago I wrote to the Star’s Ombudsman, Don Sellar, in part: In this day of political correctness, which The Star seems to subscribe to quite rigorously, why is it that the aboriginal peoples of North and South America … Continue reading

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Poems I write in the first person

Oh come, one muttered I read your poems You need a hugLife has been cruel Looking at you I could not tellAlways strong, so confidentSparkling in vibrant coloursHiding dark days and darker nights Said anotherHideous dreams hidden in dank cellarsYou … Continue reading

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